Our Vision

Provide a co-operative, flexible and effective bespoke electronics design and manufacturing service catering to small and medium size companies wanting to achieve rapid product to market.

Our engagement is to be an enjoyable, profitable experience on behalf of our exceptional clients in their exploration of their amazing ideas and creativity. Thereby promoting our clients success.

If our client is successful then so are we.

About us

  • We are innovative
  • Flexible in our approach to client needs
  • We look to reduce costs for our client
  • We provide honest and forthright professional opinions

Electronics design, PCB assembly, fabrication and manufacturing services

please call us today on (07) 3203 3637.

Our Location

109-137 Chermside Road
Mango Hill QLD 4509

Wholly owned and operated
Australian Manufacturer

Contact us

Zig Mobile +61 409 203 363
Mat Mobile +61 407 311 309